African-European Centre for Investment and Trade (AECIT)

The Centre Works To:

support the implementation, and if necessary, reforms of the European Partnership Agreements (EPA)

support the development of a customs union among African states in order to stimulate investment and trade

contribute to sustainable economic growth, to cross-sector innovation, to employment creation and welfare for all, and to governance innovation.

In a context of globalisation and technological innovations, market integration and free trade are very important to ensure economic growth and welfare for the peoples of Africa.

The European Partnership Agreements offer new opportunities for investment and trade between the world’s largest and richest market and the dynamic African societies. Moreover, a Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) is under negotiation, potentially offering further incentives. However, this requires a coherent approach to put in place all required framework conditions. The promise by the European Union of a new partnership with Africa could be the basis.

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- Thomas Shultz